Wednesday, February 01, 2006



hi everyone, hope you are having a nice day.
things here are fine

I just got an email from my friend Phanie Gapinski and she will be exhibiting some of her work at the Jacksonville Center soon

stay tuned to the loop for details and images

I was very excited to learn today that was just launched by Doug Thompson, who is my neighbor at the Jacksonville Center

congratulations Doug! I like the new site very much.

I wish I could get up there more to say hello to folks but I am busy untangling a corporate website from the past and this is taking up much of my time lately.

Jim Underwood from Blue Ridge Public Television was kind enough to come visit me in Floyd last week, and he will be showing some scenes from the gallery on Blue Ridge Excursions sometime soon. Jim also mentioned the possibility of a public television piece about SLEC.

so I would just like to say that I am very glad the President used the words slavery and human trafficking in his state of the Union address. these are words that need to be said.

ok well I need to go now, hope you are all well.