Thursday, June 16, 2005

Project30 June exhibit


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This is an invitation to view Projekt30's June Juried Exhibition.
Follow the "june exhibition" link at


Who we are:

Projekt30 is an online gallery, run by artists, designed to expose
artists to "brick and mortar" art galleries which may be interested
in presenting their work. We are an arts organization
using technology to encourage public interest in the fine arts,
and help shape the art world in the twenty-first century.

What you will find:

Projekt30 is pleased to present 30 artists that have been
selected from a large pool of applicants. This is the most competitive
exhibition we have hosted, and we are very pleased with the results.
If you are interested in any of the featured artists for any reason
(even just to say hello) please feel free to use the "contact this
artist" link below their work.

Thank you for your time, we hope you enjoy the show!

You are receiving this invitation because you have been identified as a
person involved or interested in the arts, either in a personal or
professional capacity.

We are not selling anything and understand the
frustration some people experience due to unwanted email...